This project explains the way I react to Post-COVID 19 life from my small studio apartment.  I used woven textile as a tool to share my feelings about the space I inhabit. I use different tactile yarns to express my sense of space, through which I translate my feelings of living alone in a small space into my design philosophy. The ‘Box’ in my life not only represents my home, but also the Zoom room. And I tried to explore both these spaces – the tangible and the virtual – through this project. 

I was in London during the first lockdown in the UK. I was living in a flat on Gloucester road. In this period, particularly in the early days, I felt apprehensive about what was happening in the world about COVID-19, but increasingly I become frightened. So I began to stay in this small studio apartment. During this time, I felt very depressed. I often wouldn’t speak to anyone else for days.

Reconceptualising my living space began with touching each piece of furniture and wall and feeling their texture. Every detail in the weaving process was then controlled to ensure that the textiles felt accurate to the touch. I had a desire to leave the box but slowly it stopped being a space that binds me but instead it turned into my protection.
I am constantly switching roles between virtual space and real space. In real life, I attracted to bright colours. In virtual life, I choose to remain silent. I try to find the balance between this virtual me and the real me. But the truth is that both are me.
I have gone from avoiding the issue at first to slowly accepting the reality and now facing up to myself. My experience of living in the post-epidemic era has also evolved from a black and white film to a world of colour.

This project uses traditional weaving techniques and modern jacquard to express both realistic tactile and inner feelings. I have expressed the impressions of the space I inhabit through traditional weaving techniques of three-dimensional fabrics. At the same time, the process of translating my inner feelings into fabric through the jacquard machine also made me appreciate the importance of the ‘box’ in my life.

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